"Bit & Grain is an exciting new voice for all of us who love North Carolina.  Its co-founders Sandra Davidson, Baxter Miller, and Ryan Stancil represent the next generation of publishing about our state.  They are a dream team who will deliver North Carolina stories in heartfelt ways through their fine publication."
-Bill Ferris, Author, UNC Professor of History and Folklore and Senior Associate Director of the Center for the Study of the American South


entioned in The New York Times' Sunday Review in a short list of who Elizabeth Englehardt, UNC Professor of Southern Studies, is following.
"I’m an avid follower of sites like Bit & Grain, which aims to tell North Carolina’s stories..." 
-New York Times, September 2015


"This North Carolina-centric media startup covers all things related to the state’s lifestyle, from unique foods to baseball traditions. So it makes sense that its Instagram account would display beautiful pictures of landscapes, coastlines and culinary offerings. Bit & Grain, like New York Magazine, has also started incorporating audio overlaying a static image.

For instance, several months ago, when Duke University was on the brink of capturing the NCAA title, it posted an image of a lifelong Duke fan who now works in the school’s athletic department along with audio from the fan. And earlier this summer, Bit & Grain used Instagram to introduce the world to its new podcast, Lo + Behold, via Instagram -- an image of the podcast’s logo and a short audio clip from the show."
-International Journalists’ Network, August 2015


"It has engagement that would make more established local outlets salivate. The aesthetic of the pieces published so far is clean and modern. The stories engaging, and they come at a time when longform journalism is making a comeback thanks to thoughtful design and attention to audience engagement."
 -Columbia Journalism Review, April 2015


“Complicated” is perhaps the key term to what Bit + Grain can offer in this way, as layered subjects are difficult for many legacy outlets to tackle with the immediacy demanded of 21st century news. It’s easy to see from a quick glance at Bit + Grain’s published work that it is producing stories one likely wouldn’t find in a more traditional outlet…a deeper and more colorful approach to telling the difficult narratives that many traditional outlets can’t explore so easily."   
-ExitEvent, May 2015


"Their Instagram gives followers a glimpse into some of the amazing stories featured on their website, all through gorgeous photos that truly capture the character of NC."
-Stealz for Medium, Triangle's Best Instagram Accounts, June 2015


"One of the most gorgeous digital food story layouts I’ve ever seen. And seasonal… Good Longreads design still tough—rare—in digital."
-Brian Halweil, Co-Publisher of Edible Manhattan Magazine, May 2015

"If you're not following @bitandgrain yet, what are you waiting for? Talk about inspiring..."
-Reader via Twitter in Charlotte

"Now I feel I have a taste of the south at my finger tips. Thank you for this excellent connection."
-Reader in New Bern

"I'm sitting with tears running down my face. Very proud. Thank you. You are right, there are no answers to the big questions, just hope we can hold onto what's in our hearts. We have more work to do... You folks are the best."
-Reader in Harkers Island

"Love your stuff and love our state. Keep up the good work, B&G!"
-Reader via Facebook in Charleston, SC

"I wanted to let you know you did an awesome job on the story of Harkers Island. I have read a lot of stories that people from off have written and they always seem to stray away from the truth for a good story. Not in this case."
-Reader in Harkers Island

"Made my morning!"
-Reader via Facebook in Raleigh

"Great article. I'm taking this to my town, Warrenton, to show how town incentives for small businesses in the downtown area can help get the ball rolling and attract new visitors. We have to think outside of the box and re-imagine new opportunities for small North Carolina towns who's economic purpose has vanished over time. Loving this..."
-Reader via Facebook in Warrenton