The Mission

Bit & Grain is a home for listeners and storytellers,
creators and explorers,
thinkers and curators.

We canvass North Carolina in search of exceptional stories and
deliver powerfully-crafted multimedia content every week. 
Our stories are heartfelt, artful, sophisticated and timeless. 
They are a fresh, modern voice in a state rich with pride and tradition.  

Bit & Grain is about inclusivity and depth,
connection and diversity,
conversation and substance.

We are North Carolinians and we are here to tell your story. 

Every bit and grain counts.

The Namesake

Most of us were raised on a slew of old fashioned stories woven with regional colloquialisms and mystical expressions. There are folks who are masters of this storytelling craft. They commandeer spoken and written language with a lustrous skill and natural finesse. Among these legends are none more notable than the playwright and Pulitzer Prize winner Paul Green. To him, our state and nation owe gratitude for his contributions to the arts, like The Lost Colony, America's longest running outdoor drama. And it is to Paul Green that Bit & Grain owes gratitude for its name.  

Green took great interest in the language of the region and set about recording this phenomenon in writing. His final wish was to leave his people, the people of North Carolina, with this record. In 1990, this wish was fulfilled and posthumously Paul Green's Wordbook: An Alphabet of Reminiscence was published. Here, among the E's, you will find "Every Bit and Grain" defined as

an inclusive statement of every item, every consideration, or point of view.

In that spirit, Bit & Grain will explore Carolina, and her neighbors, telling the stories of our people, places, and culture - these curious, remarkable, and unifying bits and grains of our identity.