Sandra Davidson, co-founder
Sandra Davidson is a folklorist and storyteller. A proud product of rural North Carolina, she currently lives in Chapel Hill, the perfect home for a creative who's interested in stories about the American South. She has serious feelings for North Carolina's creative community and is shooting for a long-term relationship with it. She likes her stories diverse, distinct and colorful, with a heaping side of heart.

Baxter Miller, co-founder
Baxter Miller is a visual creator who makes images that are a universal means of connecting people, places and culture. She is particularly interested in and enjoys molding how aesthetics influence our daily experience. An Eastern North Carolina gal through-and-through, she's most inspired when capturing stories involving her coastal heritage.

Ryan Stancil, co-founder
Ryan Stancil is a community-builder who believes the power of storytelling can transform thought and action. With roots in public policy, he's a former non-profit executive who wears a lot of hats at B&G — visionary, content creator, editor, administrator, and spontaneous enforcer-of-fun. He lives to explore our connection to each other through food and is a fervent advocate for coastal issues.