Every year you make the attempt. You get some stubble and begin feeling a little woodsy.
But before the first frost, things start to look a little patchy. The itch sets in and you throw in the towel.

It’s beard season but there's more to cultivating stylish facial hair than just ignoring your razor until Spring.

Bottom line: beards — good looking beards — aren’t easy.
You gotta commit to the grooming, time and attention they demand.

You want a beautiful bushy beard? Channel your inner grizzly, urban woodsman or Ron Swanson and keep your face in check with our Guide To Your Best Beard produced with our friends at Arrow, a local barbershop concept that offers beard trims and old school, hot towel straight razor shaves.  Arrow has two locations in Raleigh and a new shop in Durham, affectionately called Pedro Williams. 

Beard Guide-19.jpg

 Know what you can grow. Just like the hair on top of your head, facial hair has its own unique chemistry and growing patterns. Just because you want to look like Louis Coulon, doesn’t necessarily mean you can. Grow a base of stubble, check out how thick it is and where the patches, contours and lines fall; then you can figure out what you're capable of growing.

Pick a style. Take into consideration your face shape and what you can grow, then pick your style. Men can reshape their face with facial hair. So, consider your goals. Are you making a statement or are you trying to hide that double chin?

Patience is a virtue. Be willing to put in the time. Ride the wave and see it through. You’re not going to wake up in the morning with the beard of your dreams, but with time, it’ll come.

Get the right tools. A normal razor won’t do. Invest in a decent trimmer or straight razor, to get get the precision you need to keep your lines clean. A daily brush with a wide toothed comb will keep your facial hair clear of knots and tangles.

Moisture is key. Perhaps one of the most important steps into growing and maintaining the beard you’ve always wanted. Choose a beard oil or balm to help you avoid the itch and stay the course. Moisture will relax and strengthen the hair reducing brittleness and breakage helping you to achieve length over time. Plus your significant other will think it feels better.

Shaping. Grab some pomade or wax to keep your facial hair shaped up and looking its best. A little product can go a long way in helping smooth, shape, and tame flyaways.

Pick up the phone, not the scissors. Stuck in rut? Don’t know which style looks best? Can’t figure out how to maintain your chin sprouts? It’s time to call in the professionals. And actually, in an ideal world, it is always best to leave major maintenance to the pros. Visiting a barber every two to four weeks can guide you to bearded righteousness. Don’t let a few weeks of growth go to waste. Once you get a good base and the right cut, you can help maintain clean lines in between appointments. Once it gets longer, it harder to maintain. So, call in reinforcements.

Happy movember!