Deep fried, salty, buttery, sweet, savory, tart, creamy -- this year's NC State Fair offerings are as extravagant, decadent and southern as ever. With dozens of vendors to choose from, it's easy to leave the fair with the sinking feeling that you've missed something special. Use this list as your guide and we are certain that won't happen! 


Carolina Crab Bites

N&T Concessions - Rocky Mount

Stuffed full with salty, smooth chunks of Carolina Blue Crab straight from our coast, N&T's crab bites are worth every dollar. Owner Toney Vaughn sells these at his brick and mortar and decided to bring them to the State Fair this year, and we're thrilled he did.

Located near the Rabbit Barn.

High on the Hog Sandwich

Granny's Country Kitchen - Hickory 

We overheard someone say this sandwich bordered on sinful. With three types of pork--BBQ, bacon and a fried pork chop--we agree. Topped with tangy slaw, tart pickles and as much BBQ sauce and hot sauce as you'd like, this sandwich is a huge winner.

Located past the brick and mortar food vendor building on the way to the Scott Building.

Fry Me Over the Moon 

Murphy House - Louisburg

NC State Fair-46.jpg

A decadent fried delicacy stuffed with a moon pie, a hostess cupcake, three oreos, and two reese's cups. You may have a heart attack after you eat it, but your last moments will be solid. Needless to say, sharing recommended. 

Located in front of the Sam Rand Grandstand.

Speciality Candy Apples

Miss Debbie's Specialty Apples - Benson

Miss Debbie takes the candy apple to the next level, and these things are so pretty, it almost feels wrong to dice them up. We love the Supreme -- smothered in caramel, fresh pecans and white and milk chocolate -- but if you're traveling with any youngsters you may have to try her new Minions apple.

Located in the Commercial Building.

Ham Biscuits

Cary United Methodist Church

NC State Fair-13.jpg

These Ham Biscuits are legendary! The church has been selling them to raise money for missions since 1916, and folks... they're so committed to creating the same perfect biscuit every year that every biscuit maker must attend biscuit making school at the church before the week of the fair.  

Located in the brick and mortar vendor building between the Grandstand and Scott Building.

Roasted Corn On the cob

Old Style Foods - Apex

Dripping with butter and self-seasoned with your choice of salt and pepper, lemon pepper, garlic salt, Lawry's or Old Bay, these corn cobs are State Fair classics. Old Style Foods has been at their location for well over 20 years, and we get why folks keep coming back. 

Located in front of the Rabbit Barn.

Pimento Cheese Wontons 

Woody's - Raleigh & Cary 

Woody's stuck to its sports bar roots on this one by taking a wonton and stuffing it with a Pimento Cheese recipe inspired by the Masters Golf Tournament. Southern-asian fusion state fair style! 

Located across from Scott Building next to Midway Entrance. Look for the giant gatorade on top of their stand.

French Baguette stuffed w/ NC Chicken Chipotle Sausage + Chimichurri Sauce

Baguettaboutit - Triangle Food Truck

It may be Baguetteaboutit's first year at the fair, but the Triangle food truck's been serving up their Swiss-inspired, North Carolina Pork and Chicken Sausage filled baguettes since 2011. We're pretty sure all items on the menu are safe bets, but the Chicken Chipotle Sausage + Chimichurri Sauce seems unbeatable. 

Located in front of the Graham Building across from the Dorton Arena.

French Fries

Al's French Fries - Apex

These french fries are damn near perfect. Freshly cut, lightly fried and perfectly salted--these guys have been serving up these fries at the fair for over 50 years. Stop by. You're guaranteed a laugh and a basket of satisfying fries. 

Located near the Education Building.

Lemon Wafer Ice Cream 

NC State University Howling Cow

Howling Cow's newest concoction is sweet, lightly tart and deeply creamy. You'll have to get there early to avoid a line. 

Located in the Hobbies and Crafts Building next the the Grandstand.

Fried Corn Fritters 

Apex Lions Club 

The Apex Lions Club will literally call you inside their booth. Serving up pies, hotdogs, and hamburgers for decades, the Lions Club added a corn fritter to their permanent repertoire in 2015. Tested and crowd approved last-year, these crispy fritters are melt-in-your mouth good.

Located in the brick and mortar vendor building between the Grandstand and Scott Building.

Happy Eating!