Playlist curated by Paradise of Bachelors  | Graphics by Cameron Laws


If you haven't yet noticed, Bit + Grain is an advocate for and cheerleader of North Carolinians working in arts and culture. Much of our inspiration for starting the publication stemmed from our reverence of folks we refer to as "creatives" who are serious and passionate about producing, documenting, interpreting and celebrating art and cultural forms of all kinds. 

This week we have the privilege of introducing you to one of our favorite creative outfits:  Paradise of Bachelors, a self-described "Record Label, Recording Company, Soundsystem, and Archive located in the North Carolina Piedmont." Founded by Brendan Greaves and Chris Smith, Paradise of Bachelors reissues music from artists you may never have heard but ought to know; musicians with work rooted in the distinct sounds of American vernacular--often Southern--music. They also record and release new music (see Jake Xerxes Fussell included in the Spring playlist) that extends the traditions and sounds present in their reissues. Paradise of Bachelors brings us under-recognized artists whose music speaks to the vibrant, diverse legacy of American music across the South. 

In a recent feature in The New Yorker, writer Amanda Petrusich says Paradise of Bachelors founders are, "judicious, intuitive curators." We think so too. Which is exactly why we asked them to curate our fall playlist. 

So open your mind, open your ears and step into Paradise of Bachelors' Autumn world. We'll let them do the introducing.



Autumn is the friendliest season. While many folks take issue with the Winter freeze, Spring and her allergies, and the heat of the Summer, Autumn has held fast as a place of comfort and contentment. Memories are abundant, convivial gatherings create new moments for future reflection. Nostalgia runs deep and thoughts traverse along memory maps, both real and imagined. Music is everywhere! We created this mix as a companion piece to the sounds and lives found among our Paradise of Bachelors family of artists; a sundry crew drawing from traditional wells and creating newfound beauty in lovely harmony. These are songs we play, draw inspiration from, and sing along to. Guitars reach around and upward like the early smoke from the campfire; voices full of recollection and hope. Crackle and sway for the blue-jean jumper and glogg daze.

We hope you enjoy!


Listen below or click here to listen and follow in Spotify App.


"The Change" 

by Tony Joe White

from the album Tony Joe White, 1971 


“Two Steps from the Blues”

by Bobby "Blue" Bland
from the album Ain't No Love In The Heart of The City, 2014

“I'm a Man of Constant Sorrow”

by Tia Blake
from the album Folksongs & Ballads, 2008 


“Devil Got Your Woman”

by Chris Smither
from the album I'm A Stranger Too, 1970


"Herman Wright"

by Larry Coryell
from the album Lady Coryell, 1968



“All Time”

by Ron Elliot
from the album The Candlestickmaker, 2006



“Alabama Lady”

by Help Yourself
from the album Beware the Shadow, 1973



“Impromptu in E Minor" 

by Clark Hutchinson

from the album A=MH2, 2010 




by John Simon
from the album Rhino Hi-Five: John Simon, 2007 



“Fishtown Flower”

by Jack Rose
from the album Dr Ragtime & Pals / Self Titled, 2008



“I Think of You”

by Rosalie Sorrels
from the album If I Could Be the Rain, 1967 



“Traffic-Light Lady" 

by John and Beverley Martyn
from the album Stormbringer!, 1970



“A Jug of Love”

by Mighty Baby
from the album A Jug of Love, 1971 


"Chill Factor"

by Merle Haggard 
from the album Chill Factor, 1987 


"To Cry About" 

by Mary Margaret O'Hara
from the album Miss America, 1988 


“Love Comes Slowly”

by The Garbage & the Flowers
from the album Eyes Rind as if Beggars, 2013 


“Behind the Door”

by Zipper
from the album Zipper, 1974 


“What Can I Do”

by David Allan Coe
from the album Spectrum VII, 1979 


"Card Game" 

by Terry Melcher
from the album Royal Flush, 1976


“Willy O Winsbury”

by Anne Briggs
from the album A Collection, 1999