Introduction by Mary-Hanley Coleman    Photographs by Baxter Miller

The beer is cold, City Plaza is crowded, the lineup is diverse, and the turnout is impressive. Music spills into the streets as debates about which band to see next fill sidewalks, alleys and corners. It's September in Raleigh which means it's time for Hopscotch.

For its sixth year, the festival has drawn music lovers from near and far into Raleigh's thriving music scene. This year Hopscotch brought over 100 local, national, and international bands to the City of Oaks. It's success has put the city firmly on the map as a go-to music destination. 

And of course, with the festival comes fashion. 

Because fall is in the air, people have artfully mixed autumn layers with the lightweight fabrics of summer. Patterned tights stretch across the thighs of women wearing slip dresses and chunky boots. Rolled up beanies are worn with tank tops and jeans. Feathered headdresses, face paint and flower crowns are few and far between, but neon, glitter and lace aren't hard to find. Neither are cowboy boots, suede wedges, hi-top Vans and metallic brogues.

Under cotton candy skies, silver sequins catch the lights from stages. An old necktie is woven into a messy brunette braid, clashing perfectly with the romper below. Hanging from shoulders, flannel shirts drape over faded, ripped jeans while crop tops and thinly-worn t-shirts abound.

At Hopscotch, fashion choices are intentional. Raleigh keeps it cool. The festival has an aesthetic of its own; one that reflects the diversity of its lineup. At Hopscotch, looks mirror punk, metal, hip-hop, folk and blues genres and subcultures that pepper stages across the city. And for that weekend in September, we get a taste for fashion, Hopscotch style.


Joshua Mae (Say Brother) of Columbia, SC

Kayla Allen and Elton Massenburg of Raleigh

Joe Westerlund ( Grandma Sparrow / Megafaun ) of Durham and Amelia Meath ( Sylvan Esso ) from Carrboro

Joe Westerlund (Grandma Sparrow/Megafaun) of Durham and Amelia Meath (Sylvan Esso) from Carrboro

Jillian and Carly Wisse of Raleigh

Jillian and Carly Wisse of Raleigh

Rachel and Faith Andrews of Raleigh

Rachel and Faith Andrews of Raleigh

Victor Lytvinenko ( Raleigh Denim Workshop ) of Raleigh

Victor Lytvinenko (Raleigh Denim Workshop) of Raleigh

Romme Graham of Raleigh

Romme Graham of Raleigh

Tiffany Huff and Klay Misenheiner (Pie Face Girls) of Raleigh

Emily Bartley of Raleigh

Hunter Park (She Returns From War) of Charleston, SC; Michelle Cochrane of Raleigh; Makenzie Lang (Ruby Deluxe) of Raleigh

Corey Reid and Katherine Hoke of Raleigh

Michael and Lindsay Stork of Ft. Worth, TX

Gabe Anderson (TOW3RS) of Carrboro

Birdie of Raleigh

Amber Bang and Ben Arichter of Durham

Alyssa Cherry (Fillaree) of Durham

Erin Smith

Michael Nettles of Raleigh

Adriana Pardo and Jeff Debonzo (Debonzo Brothers) of Raleigh

Virgo of Miami, FL

Ana Ross of Montreal

Christi Miller of Carrboro

John Hubbard of Raleigh