Beat & Groove: 2016's Summer Playlist

Playlist by Bit & Grain   Graphic Design by Cameron Laws


Summer’s long, hot sweltering days and late, humid nights full of mischief and play are on the horizon. Whether you plan to beach or mountain or globe-trott this season, we’ve built a soundtrack that can stand the heat. It’s for the cookout you threw together at the last minute, and for the muggy morning runs you try to get in before the sweltering gets the best of the day, and for the road trips to destinations you’ve been dreaming about for months, and for the sunbathing you plan to do when you get there. Here’s to sun-drenched vacations and long weekends filled with smoky grills, crisp beers, juicy watermelons, frosty ice cream, winding conversations, steamy slow-burning sunsets, and of course, great music.

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